Redistricting Committee

Resolution No. 21-04-014 adopted April 15, 2021

Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A.) Section 5-1-111 requires that, at least every ten (10) years, county legislative bodies shall change the boundaries of county legislative districts so that members represent substantially equal populations.

The Redistricting Committee shall meet from time to time as necessary in order to prepare suggested redistricting plans. The chair of the Redistricting Committee shall report to the Blount County Legislative Body at each regular meeting of the Blount County Legislative Body on the status of suggested redistricting plans.

Member Title  
Jackie Hill Blount County Commissioner - District 1  
Mike Akard Blount County Commissioner - District 2  
Jared Anderson Blount County Commissioner - District 5  
Dodd Crowe Blount County Commissioner - District 6  
Tom Stinnett Blount County Commissioner - District 7  
Trevor McMurray Blount County Property Assessor, Chief Deputy  
Ray Boswell City of Maryville, Data Analysis & Mapping  
Susan Knopf Blount County Administrator of Elections  
Randy Vineyard Blount County Director of Accounts & Budgets  
Adam Trent Blount County GIS Coordinator  
Justin McClure Blount County I.T. System Administrator Ex Officio (non-voting member)
Larry Garner Blount County Election Commissioner Chair Ex Officio (non-voting member)
Ron French Blount County Board of Commissioner Chair Ex Officio (non-voting member)