Juvenile Mission Statement and Responsiblities

Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office to provide those persons making use of the services of the Juvenile Justice System with the highest level of helpful and courteous service, in a manner which is economically responsible, to all citizens of Blount County.

Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office Duties and Responsibilities 

The duties and responsibilities include processing all legal documents filed in Juvenile Court, maintaining docket and minute books, acting as the keeper of the records, preparing hearing dockets, providing deputy clerks for all court hearings, maintaining financial records, collecting court costs, fines, purge payments and restitution, preparing Orders for the Juvenile Court, administering trust funds for minors (TCA 29-13-301 Part 3) and any other trust accounts as Ordered by the Court.

Legal Advice


Deputy Clerks CANNOT give legal advice. They will file your paperwork, but they cannot advise you on what action to take. You should consult with an attorney for legal advice and the Clerk’s Office will gladly provide you with a few attorneys’ names and numbers that practice in Juvenile Court on a regular basis.

Checking In for Court

Please report to Room 205 if you are attending Court for a Delinquent, Unruliness, Contributing, and/or Dependency and Neglect action to check in with the Clerk.

Please report to Room 204 if you are attending Court for a Child Support and/or Collections matter.