Human Resources Committee

Established 4/15/99; amended 1/15/04; 7/21/16. The Human Resources Committee hears and considers issues regarding County Employees’ Benefits.

12 Members serve 1-year term. 5 - Commissioners, the County Mayor, Sheriff, Highway, Trustee, 2 - School representatives, and an elected official appointed by the County Mayor. Commissioners are appointed by the County Legislative Body.

Member Title
Ed Mitchell County Mayor
James Berrong Sheriff
Jeff Headrick Highway Superintendent
Phyllis Crisp Register of Deeds, Mayoral reappointed 9/21/2023
Scott Graves Trustee
David Murrell Blount County Schools Director
Courtney Whitehead Blount County Schools Representative
Jared Anderson County Commissioner, reappointed 9/21/2023
Rick Carver County Commissioner, reappointed 9/21/2023
John E. Giles County Commissioner, appointed 9/21/2023
Tom Stinnett County Commissioner, reappointed 9/21/2023
David Wells County Commissioner, appointed 9/21/2023