Property Tax Relief Program

The State of Tennessee offers a Property Tax rebate application for certain homeowners age 65 or older and whose total combined annual income from all sources for all owners (including spouse) is not over $33,460.  A rebate may also be available to certain totally and permanently disabled taxpayers who meet the same income limit, certain service connected totally and permanently disabled veterans, or widows of certain service connected totally and permanently disabled veterans that were eligible for the rebate or killed in action. The deadline to apply for the 2023 Tax Year is April 4, 2024.

Application Process

The job of the Trustee's Office is to assist homeowners with the application process. The job of the State of Tennessee is to make the final determination of eligibility. If you feel that you or someone you know may qualify for this program, please contact our office at (865) 273-5900 to get more details and to find out what documents we will need from you. For additional information about the program, you may also visit the State's Tax Relief Website.