CJI Master Planning Task Groups

Justice System Evaluation and Planning (JSEP) Task Group

In meetings with consultants, provided input & discussed issues related to our Justice System:
​        Identified and evaluated existing alternatives to incarceration in Blount County
​        Recommended improvements to existing alternatives
​        Identified and evaluated potential new alternatives based on population profile/need, evidence based findings, feasibility, costs, etc.
​        Evaluated feasibility of a Transition Center
​              Justification, purpose, target population, programs, feasibility, funding 
        Provided insight relative each participant's agency or affiliation
​        Considered MBI's findings & made recommendations to the Corrections Partnership and the Executive Team  
​        Reviewed & commented on draft reports pertaining to a Transition Center & Alternatives to Incarceration

Transition Center (TC) Task Group

In meetings with consultants, evaluated the feasibility of a Transition Center for Blount County:
​Toured DC4 in Nashville and the Rutherford County Correctional Facility in Murfreesboro
​Provided insight into relevant data, including previous studies and reports
Reviewed & discussed draft reports related to a Transition Center

Jail Task Group

In meetings with consultants:
​Provided input & discussed issues related to the existing & renovated/expanded Jail:
​        Inmate population profile & projections
​        Existing Jail building evaluation - problems, limitations, opportunities
​        Jail building Masterplan options
​        How specific improvements/renovations/additions could improve operations and better meet mission, objectives and needs
​        Jail operational & architectural program/space requirements, adjacency requirements
Provide data - previous studies/reports, bookings by category, ADP, LOS, incidents, staffing
​Considered MBI's findings & sent Summary Report to Corrections Partnership & Executive Team
​Reviewed & discussed draft reports related to the Jail

Executive Team

Reviewed & considered information & draft reports from MBI and Task Groups