Could I get a copy of a document?

All fees must be paid in advance.

  • We charge .50 to email each document, or .50 per page to print a hard copy. 
  • Certified copies that would serve as your original are $1.00 per page. 
  • We accept check, credit/debit card, cash or money order.

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1. I paid my property off, when will I get my deed?
2. I need to add/remove a name on my deed, what is the process?
3. Are there liens or judgements on my property?
4. Do you have a list of foreclosures?
5. How do I know if my property has restrictions?
6. The information listed on CRS (Courthouse Retrieval) is wrong, how can I get that corrected?
7. Do you have forms or prepare (assist in) documents?
8. Are your documents online?
9. Could I get a copy of a document?
10. Can the Register of Deeds speak to my civic group or church organization?