Blount County CARES (Corrections And Recovery Saves) Committee
Resolution No. 18-08-031
(Formerly the Corrections Partnership, formerly the Ad Hoc Committee to Study Jail Overcrowding)
Member Title
Jeff French, Chief Deputy Sheriff's Office Representative (appointed 9/20/2018)
Chris Cantrell, Deputy Chief Sheriff’s Office Representative (appointed 9/20/2018)
Nick Bright Commissioner (appointed 2/16/2023)
Rick Carver Commissioner (appointed 9/20/2018)
John Giles Commissioner (appointed 2/16/2023)
Tom Stinnett Commissioner (appointed 9/20/2018)
Linda Webb Commissioner (appointed 2/16/2023)
Dave Bennett Business Leader (appointed 9/20/2018 by County Mayor)
Chris Hurley Business Leader (appointed 3/21/2023 by County Mayor)
Tammy Lynn Health Care Professional (appointed 9/20/2018 by County Mayor)
Jerry Vagnier Health Care Professional (appointed 3/21/2023 by County Mayor)
Judge William R. Brewer, Jr. General Sessions Judge – Ex Officio Non-Voting (appointed 8/16/2018)
Judge Tammy Harrington Circuit Court Div. 1 – Ex Officio Non-Voting (appointed 9/20/2018)