Register of Deeds

Document Recording Fees

We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards or money orders for recording.

Basic Recording Fees

  • $1 Clerk Fee for All Documents With Any Taxable Amount (Warranty Deeds/Trust Deeds/Modifications'/Easements Etc.)
  • $12 for a One or Two Pages

Additional Recording Fees

Additional Recording Fees (Add All Fees That Can Apply):
  • Additional Pages or Attachments $5 Per Additional Page
  • Additional References on All Other Documents $5 Per Reference After First
  • (Except Deeds and Trust Deeds)

Transfer/Financing Fees / Taxes

  • Deed Transfer Tax $0.37 Per $100
  • Mortgage Tax $0.115 Per $100
  • The First $2,000 of Indebtedness is Exempt From Mortgage Tax. Add $1 Probate Fee to Total Taxes Paid.


Effective July 1, 2001 all U.C.C.-1 Initial filings will be filed with the Secretary of State's Office in Nashville with the following exceptions:
  • Extracted Collateral - Oil, Gas or Other Minerals That Are Subject to a Security Agreement
  • Fixture Filings - the Collateral is Goods That Are or Are to Become Fixtures, Except That Fixture Filings of Transmitting Utilities Should Be Filed With the Secretary of State
  • Initial Filings With Timber to Be Cut.


Fee Structure

State Tax (if Applicable)


  • $15 for Each Additional Debtor or Assigned Party
  • $15 for First Debtor Up to 10 Pages and $.50; Each Additional Page
  • $11.50 Per $100 After First $2,000 of Indebtedness

UCC-III: Continuations, Assignments & Terminations

$15 for Each Additional Debtor or Assigned Party
$15 for First Debtor Up to 10 Pages and $.50 ; Each Additional Page


If advancing additional money, tax above applies without additional $2,000 exemption. Filing Fee and Register Fee also apply.

Register of Deeds Certification

  • Certification Fee $1 Per Page
  • Certification Fee Maps $5

Document / Recording Notes / Questions

  • All documents must have Prepared By name and address All rerecording of documents must be re-executed (signed and notarized). The only alternative to re-executing an original document is to record a Scrivener’s Error Affidavit with the previously recorded document being attached as an exhibit or referenced and describing corrections being made.
  • Deeds must have District, Map & Parcel and Responsible Taxpayer name and address, owner name and address. Document Referencing System: Book and Page (format ex.: WD508 Pg 61/RB 2411 Pg 32) We cannot reference documents by instrument numbers.
  • Originals of real estate documents are always returned after recording. A self addressed stamped return envelope is required for return.
  • Trust deeds, mortgages, modification agreements and assignments must include the statement, "Maximum principal indebtedness for Tennessee recording tax purposes is $_____." Even if “0” (Zero).