Social Media Website Policy

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office (“Office”) uses various websites and social media platforms (e.g., Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) as limited public forums to inform residents about Office programs, projects, and

initiatives and host civil discussion about matters of public interest in and to the Office as identified and raised by

the Office for discussion. These forums are limited to the specific topics identified and raised by the Office. Users

who submit posts, writings, materials, documents, photographs, graphics, videos, or other information (“Content”)

to Office social media sites agree they have read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions may change at any time and will reflect here without any additional notice or action by

the Office or potential author. All Content, regardless of the date of posting, is always subject to the most current

Terms and Conditions in addition to the terms and conditions at the time of publication by the author.

Terms of Use



a. Content does not constitute legal notice, public comment, an official report, or a request for service

or public records.

i. Office social media sites are not monitored 24 hours per day.

ii. Emergencies should be reported by calling or texting 9-1-1, and non-emergencies occurring

in Blount County may be reported to the Blount County Emergency Communications Center

by calling (865) 983-3620.

iii. Many service requests may be placed electronically through the Office’s website (

or mobile app on iOS and Android platforms.

iv. Public records must be requested pursuant to the Office’s policy on access to and copies of

public records. Additional contact information may be found at

2. The author submits content voluntarily and on his or her behalf.

3. The content reflects the author’s original thoughts or work.

4. The Office has the right to re-post or share all content on any Office social media site or reproduce the

content without additional notice or permission.

5. Content may be considered a public record under applicable law.

6. All content posted to Office social media sites is subject to the social media platform’s terms of service (e.g.,

Facebook’s Community Standards, Instagram’s Community Guidelines, Twitter’s Rules, and YouTube’s

Community Guidelines and Policies), and the Office has the right to report any suspected violation of these

terms of service to the social media platform.

7. Content is subject to removal by the Office, separate from the website or social media platform, in whole or

in part if it contains:

a. Content not directly on the topic identified and raised by the Office for discussion;

b. Obscene, indecent, or profane language or pornography;

Date of Last Update: July 2023

c. Direct threats;

d. Content that promotes discrimination based on race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national

origin, ethnicity, age, disability, or gender identity;

e. Content that solicits promotes, or endorses specific commercial entities, products, or services;

f. Links to any site or content posted by automatic software programs (“bots”);

g. Content promoting or encouraging illegal activity;

h. Personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information that, if released, violates

applicable law;

i. Content promoting or endorsing a political campaign or candidate;

j. Information that compromises public safety, the security of the public, sensitive infrastructure, or

security systems;

k. Information that directly interferes with or compromises ongoing investigations, public safety

tactics, or the safety of emergency responders;

l. Confidential information or information exempt from disclosure that, if released, violates applicable

law; and/or

m. Content that appears to violate the intellectual property rights of the Office or a third party under

applicable law.

8. The views expressed on the Office’s social media sites only reflect those of the content’s author and do

not necessarily reflect the views of the Office, its officers, employees, or agents.

9. Because various laws exist that create liability for various actions, including, without limitation, defamation,

invasion of privacy, false light, breach of contract, procurement violations, and violations of due process,

among many potential areas of criminal and civil exposure for which the Office accepts no responsibility

based on the actions of others or for operating Office social media sites, the author, for themself, any

successors, and assigns, release and hold harmless and agree to indemnify the Office, its officers,

employees, and agents from any and all actions, claims, liabilities, and damages of whatever kind and

nature arising out of or in connection with my use of Office social media sites.

By submitting content, the author acknowledges that he or she has read, understands, and agrees to these

Terms of Use.